Release of narco-pols list opposed

Panfilo Lacson & Richard Gordon

2 senators: File cases first to avoid suspicion of politics

SENATORS Panfilo “Ping” Lacson and Richard Gordon are not in favor of the administration’s plan to release the names of the politicians on the narco-list two months before the elections in May.

Both senators urged the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) that it would be better if they first file a formal case in court before releasing the names to the public. This would distance the administration from accusation that the move is to destroy the reputations of rival politicians.

Lacson insisted that if the government has no real evidence against those in the list and not validated, the narco-list can only be used in intelligence gathering as a basis in case build up for future filing of cases.

Releasing the names will be an injustice to those included in the list especially with the elections approaching.

“Making it public is unjust and unfair to those who may be delisted later, worse after the May elections. This has happened before and it could happen again,” Lacson said.

Gordon meanwhile said that if the politicians on the list have no case in court, then making public the names will be tagged as mere politicking by the administration.

“Yun na nga ang ilulusot dun (pamumulitika), alam ko mga meron eh, kung meron tirahin mo na kasuhan mo na, dahil hindi maganda na parang may pulitika ngayon lalabas yan. If you don’t have enough proof pwedeng notoriously undesirable (ang ikaso),” Gordon said.