Retirement pay for bgy officials pushed by Win

SENATOR Sherwin Gatchalian is pushing for a measure that would give lump sum retirement gratuity pay and other benefits for barangay officials.

In his Senate Bill 1867, Gatchalian wants barangay officials to have a retirement pay equivalent to a one year honorarium worth P100,000 and other benefits such as Christmas bonus.

The senator said the current benefits as stipulated in the 1991 Local Government Code of the Philippines are not enough to repay the services of officials of the barangay who are at the fore front of public service.

He argued that if his bill will turn into law and the barangay officials will receive the said benefits, the government can expect better services by these officers and may minimize corruption in the barangay level.

Additionally, Gatchalian is seeking to raise the monthly allowance of barangay officers from P1,000 to P2,000 or even as high as P5,000.  The senator also proposes to give P2,000 Christmas bonus to them.

Those who will be covered by the bill are barangay chairmen, councilmen, tanods, members of the “Lupong Tagapamayapa”, barangay secretary and treasurer.

Gatchalian is also pushing to give free education to the legitimate dependent children of the barangay tanods to improve the quality of their children’s life.

Retired barangay officials who have served for a minimum of nine years, according to the bill, will receive a lump sum gratuity pay worth P100,000.