Romualdez: Empower local government units

December 01, 2018
Martin Romualdez
Martin Romualdez

LEYTE congressional candidate and Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) President Martin Romualdez said yesterday local government units (LGUs) should be given a bigger share of the national budget so they can do more for their constituents.

‘‘We must empower our LGUs and their sanggunians. Every region, province, city or municipality has the potential for progress and
development with the right support from the national government," said Romualdez, president of the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD).

Romualdez said LGUs should ensure the efficient delivery of basic services to the people.

"Elected officials are public servants who can make changes for the better. We should improve the quality of services and the quality of
life of the people in the countryside," said Romualdez.

He added that more resources should be given to the regional hubs that can help develop outlying areas and improve the quality of life of people, as what Tacloban City has done for other parts of Leyte.

"Investing in key areas around the country will be vital in addressing the worsening traffic congestion," stressed Romualdez, former House Independent Bloc Leader of the 16th Congress and a three-term Leyte congressman.

Romualdez also proposed that LGUs in key cities be given a bigger share in the budget "to improve infrastructure that will attract investments that will in turn translate to more jobs that will lessen migration and strengthen local economies."

The lawmaker pointed out that more income for LGUs will "ultimately result in better and faster delivery of social services to every Filipino."

Romualdez cited the need for Congress to prioritize passing laws that would "improve the lives of the ordinary Filipino and make economic growth and social progress benefit everyone, especially those who have less in life."

The lawmaker stressed that "by instilling malasakit (compassion) into our work ethics and social responsibilities, we raise the bar for every Filipino."