Romualdez vows to push measures to bolster Philippine National Police

November 05, 2018
Martin Romualdez

LAKAS-CHRISTIAN Muslim Democrats (CMD) President Martin Romualdez yesterday vowed to work on measures seeking to further increase police visibility and capabilities for a more sustainable and effective anti-crime campaign.

Romualdez, who is running again in the first congressional district of Leyte, said he will focus on laws and projects which will provide additional funding and easier access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“The PNP is doing everything it can to keep us safe from lawless elements. But with just 130,000 personnel and limited facilities and equipment, they can only do so much,” Romualdez, a former House Independent Bloc Leader of the previous 16th Congress and a three-term Leyte congressman, noted.

He said the PNP needs among others, more personnel, vehicles, communications equipment, guns and ammunition and regular crime fighting skills trainings.

If there will be more PNP personnel, Romualdez said, more policemen can be assigned to patrol duties and police community precincts and detachments.

“At the very least, criminals will have second thoughts from carrying out their unlawful acts. The PNP, and all other law enforcement agencies for that matter, will be more effective in going after the bad guys only if they will have all the assistance they badly need,” said Romualdez, president of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa).