Salary hike for teachers pressed

ON the first day of classes, two solons reminded President Rodrigo Duterte of his promise to increase the salary of tpublic school teachers.

ACT Teachers Reps. Antonio Tinio and France Castro renewed calls for substantial salary increase for public school teachers and other government employees.

“On the first day of another school year, we join the resounding call of public school teachers and other government employees for salary increase,” Tinio said.

 ”Our teachers, education support personnel, and the rest of the workers and employees in the civil service demand President Duterte’s genuine commitment for substantial salary increase,” he added.

According to Castro, while teachers have faced the same old problems of shortages in classrooms, facilities and learning materials, they still continue to fulfill their duty as teachers.

“It is only just that the state compensate the dedication of public school teachers with decent salaries that they have long been calling for,” Castro said.

The two solons said President Duterte has promised multiple times that he would increase salaries of public school teachers after increasing the salaries of uniformed personnel.

Tinio said it is high time that the Duterte administration fulfilled his promise to teachers to compensate for the continuing increases in prices of basic goods and services.

“Teachers are merely asking for salary increase that would provide their families decent lives,” Tinio said.

To date, there are various salary increase bills languishing in Congress, including House Bill 7211 which proposes P30,000 minimum pay for public school teachers, P31,000 for teaching personnel in state universities and colleges, and P16,000 minimum pay in government.

Tinio said instead of making another promise, President Duterte should wake Congress up and make salary hike foremost in his legislative priorities.

Palace assurance Malacañang assured teachers yesterday that President Rodrigo Duterte was “working” on their salary increase as he has ordered his economic managers to look for funding.

“The President is working on that and hopefully that can be responded to. Our economic managers are doing everything to see how things can de done,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a Palace briefing.

“The President has not been reneging on his commitment but as you all know, there have been many things that occurred during the three years and the President had to increase the salaries of the soldiers as well as the PNP as he ably explained these are the front liners in securing our country and when they go out of their homes, half of their feet are already buried on the ground,” Panelo said. 

With EMontano