Samantha Lo makes it to Caracas pageant

October 20, 2019

FILIINA beauty queen Samantha Ashley Lo made it to Caracas, Venezuela after all.

Earlier the BB. Pilipinas Grand International titlist was reported to have failed to go to Venezuela to compete in the Miss Grand International pageant.

However, in a post on Instagram Samantha set the record straight.

“I know people have been waiting to hear from me but this past week has been such a rollercoaster of stress and uncertainty that I felt it was unnecessary to involve the public,” Samantha said stressing she kept her silence on the reports about her alleged deportation from France due to a “fake” passport problem until she arrived in Venezuela..

“I chose to break my silence until I arrived in Venezuela because I wanted to make sure I got here safely,” she wrote.

“Despite what happened last week and the trauma that came with it, I have moved forward and pursued this journey knowing that I did not intentionally commit any of the acts that have been unfairly attributed to me,” Samantha added.

On her way to Venezuela via Paris to represent the Philippines at the Miss Grand International pageant she was held for questioning by French immigration over an alleged fake passport.
Samantha however clarified on Instagram it was not a passport problem but the lack of a proper transit visa that got her into trouble.