Saudi investors sought

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

SPEAKER Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yesterday left with a group of lawmakers on an investment mission to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Arroyo’s team will look for investment and business opportunities for Mindanao.

The two-day mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started yesterday and will end Wednesday.

Speaker Arroyo are with Mindanao Reps.  Mauyag B. Papandayan, Jr., Macmod D. Mending Jr., Amihilda J. Sangcopan, Bai Sandra A. Sema, Ruby M. Sahali and Shernee A. Tan.

The House leader was originally invited by her Saudi counterpart, Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Ibharim Al Sheik, President of the Majlis Al Shura or the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia, to the KSA for an official visit.

With the passage of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, she saw it as a good opportunity for an investment mission to enable the representatives from Mindanao to look for investors for their region.

In an earlier interview, Speaker Arroyo said the representatives from Mindanao are now keen on inviting investors to Mindanao in the light of the passage of the BOL.

“The Bangsamoro congressmen are now eager to go to the next step -- try to get investments. So that having the Bangsamoro they will be able to bring down the poverty there by having business activities, so we’re helping them out. We are going to have an investment mission in Saudi Arabia,” she said.

During her visit to Saudi Arabia, she will meet with Dr.  Abdullah in Riyadh.

She will also meet with the Council of Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh together with the Mindanao representatives to explore business opportunities in Mindanao.