SC okays pay hike for court judges

September 19, 2018

THE Supreme Court has approved the salary increase for first-level court judges all over the country.

Chief Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro ordered the implementation of SC’s administrative order increasing the salary grade of judges in municipal trial courts, municipal circuit trial courts, municipal trial courts in cities and shari’a circuit courts, in one of the several judicial reforms implemented under the brief term in the top judicial post.

From salary grade 26 and 27, the judges in lower courts will now be increased to 28 through a resolution issued by the High Court on Sept. 11.

This would mean their salaries will increase from P102,000 to P114,000 to about P127,000 effective last July 1, under the third tranche of increases in salaries of government personnel this year.

“The funding requirements for the corresponding salary adjustments shall be sourced from the available savings of the lower courts pending issuance of the Notice of Organization, Staffing and Compensation Action (NOSCA) and release of the corresponding funds by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM),” the resolution stated.

De Castro approved the recommendation of Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez for the implementation of the increase in salary of judges even ahead of issuance of the NOSCA and issuance of funds by the DBM.

“The Office of the Court Administrator, through the Financial Management Office, will use the lower courts' savings deposited in the Local Bank Account to augment the requirement for the grant of the above mentioned upgrading of positions effective 1 July 2018, pending the issuance of NOSCA and release of corresponding funds by the DBM,” Marquez said in a memorandum.