Sell at Suggested Retail Price, Government warns rice traders

November 03, 2018
Rice price tag

RICE traders and retailers who have not complied and will not comply with the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) set for both local and imported rice sold on the market will be facing sanctions starting November 9.

Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol said that those who will not follow the required SRP will be penalized with a jail term of between four months to four years and a penalty of between P2,000 to a million pesos.

Piñol said that for the first offense, violators will be issued a written warning, but they will be penalized for succeeding offenses.

The DA chief said that on the same day, the National Food Administration (NFA) will announce the implementation of the SRP Program covering all provinces and regional cities all over the country.

The SRP for Metro Manila and the Greater Manila Area was implemented on October 27 although the penalties and fines could only be enforced 15 days after the publication of the guidelines as approved by the NFA Council.

The guidelines set the following SRPs: Regular Milled Rice (Local) - P39/kilo; Well-Milled Rice (Local) - P44/kilo; Premium Rice (Local) - P47/kilo; Well-Milled Rice (Imported) - P39/kilo; Premium Rice (Imported) - P43/kilo

Piñol also directed the retailers to stop using fancy names for rice like “Senandomeng,” “Super Angelica,” “Double Diamond,” and others which mislead the consumers.

He added that the NFA will cancel their licenses to engage in rice trading and retailing.