Senate needs ‘new blood’

March 01, 2019

BROADCAST journalist and senatorial aspirant Jiggy Manicad has called for the infusion of new blood in the Senate to institute “innovative ideas and creative solutions” to address the country’s pressing problems.

Manicad, a multi-awarded TV personality who is seeking a Senate seat for the first time, underscored the need for reforms in the agricultural sector and in bilateral agreements with host countries for overseas Filipino workers.

Mindful that his fellow candidates have already served several six-year terms in the Senate, Manicad said that new candidates can “complement” the experience offered by veteran lawmakers.

“The Senate needs new blood, fresh ideas and the political will to institute reforms,” Manicad, who is one of the youngest contenders for the Senate seat, said in an interview.

Among these reforms he wants established are more “Bagsakan Centers,” more farm to market roads, introduction of new technology to boost production, and more technocrats in the Department of Agriculture instead of political appointees.

A Bagsakan Center is an outlet of farm products which is operated by the farmers themselves, doing away with middlemen who raise the prices of goods.

Another priority program of Manicad is to bring an end to the kafala system in the host countries of OFWs.

The kafala system is a practice prevalent in the Middle East wherein a migrant worker must have a sponsor in the host country prior to employment and arrival. The sponsor, either an individual or a company, possesses substantial control over the worker.