Senate probe into measles outbreak sought

February 10, 2019

ALARMED over the spate of deaths due to measles outbreak, Senator Nancy Binay proposed a resolution to investigate the real health situation of children in the country.

This after the United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) reported that the Philippines immunization coverage went down drastically.

In her Senate Resolution 1009, Binay requested a hearing “in aid of legislation” by the Senate Committee on Health and Demography to appraise the status of health programs implemented by the Department of Health especially in their immunization programs.

The hearing also aims to formulate actions and solution and give appropriate attention andand time to immunization that aims to counter different diseases that attack young Filipinos.

The cause of Binay’s alarm was after the DoH declared a measles outbreak in Metro Manila and other regions.  The outbreak is seen as an effect to parents refusing to have their children vaccinated.

Other sectors attribute the fear of the parents to vaccination with the issue of dengcvaxia that was investigated by the Senate.

At the same time, Binay urged the DoH to double their efforts to convince the parents to have their children be given vaccines against primary diseases.