Sharon seeks DOJ help, daughter gets rape threat

June 21, 2020

JUSTICE Secretary Menardo Guevarra yesterday confirmed that megastar Sharon Cuneta has reached out to the Department of Justice for the arrest of a metizem who threatened to rape her daughter Frankie Pangilinan, who initiated the '#HijaAko' movement.

"Yes, Ms. Sharon Cuneta has brought this matter to my attention and has expressed her strong desire to file a criminal complaint against the person who posted the offending message in social media. I advised her that the identity of the person and his location should first be clearly established," Guevarra said when he was asked if Cuneta sought government assistance regarding the offensive post.

Guevara said the Cuneta family has already identified who made the post, his location, and his employer's name and address.

" It appears that Sharon, through her own efforts, has identified the person concerned, including his location and the name and address of his employer. Should Ms. CUneta proceed to file a criminal complaint with the DOJ we shall verify the respondent’s identity and address for the purpose of giving him notice, " Guevarra continued.

Pangilinan made headlines this week after she made a firm stand against rape culture and victim shaming in the Philippines.

She also lashed out at TV host Ben Tulfo for implying that rape was a consequence of women wearing scanty clothing.

Her eaction drew support from netizens but one of the most recent responses was from a man who threatened to sexually assault her.