SMC employee’s killer arrested

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas yesterday announced the solution of the murder of a ranking San Miguel Corporation employee last July 14 following the arrest of the confessed killer who was found to have fled with the victim’s car and valuables, including credit and ATM cards. 

In a report to Philippine National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, the NCRPO chief identified the arrested suspect as Michael Jeck Pon-an, a fitness instructor accused of killing 30-year old Aldrin Reyes, the hangar administrator of the SMC-run Challenger Aero Air Corporation.

The body of Reyes was found with multiple stab wounds 4:30 p.m. last July 14 inside his rented apartment at Unit 10, Gulla Building located at  P-35-09 6th/9th Street, Barangay 183 in Pasay City.

Sinas said that during an investigation, a brother of Reyes revealed that they had their last contact with the victim on July 12 when the latter relayed he was confined at the St. Lukes’s Medical Center in Global City in Taguig for food poisoning but was about to be discharged.

Alvin Reyes said that after that, the victim failed to text or call them anew. The victim’s phone also could not be reached anymore when they tried to contact him. Alarmed, the victim’s brother and some fellows went to check him in his rented apartment where they eventually discovered his lifeless body.

Sinas said that an autopsy conducted on the victim’s remains showed he suffered stab wounds to the neck, trunk and extremities.

Sinas said that investigators from the Southern Police District under Brigadier Gen. Emmanuel B. Peralta went to work and reviewed the CCTF footages at the victim’s condominium. The CCTV recordings showed that at around 7:12 p.m. last July 12, the victim and an unidentified male companion who later turned out to be Pon-an arrived in the area on board Reyeses’  gray Honda City with plate no. NBA 2051.

Both were seen wearing face masks inside the sedan. Around 5:33 a.m. of July 13, the same male companion of the victim left the building on board the latter’ car.

Sinas said that during interviews with the victim’s relatives, friends and colleagues, the Pasay City police headed by Colonel Erickson Dilag started zeroing in on some ‘persons of interest’ in the murder case.

The name of one of the POIs cropped up after a co-employee of the victim revealed that his routine includes workouts at the Golds Gym in MOA Pasay City under the supervision of one ‘Coach Justin.’

Sinas said that the Pasay City investigation section led by Lieutenant Allan Valdez followed the lead and managed to identify the man who was last seen with the victim when he left St. Luke’s BGC around 6:48 p.m. last July 12.

The man who was with the victim had visible tattoos on both his arms. Sinas said that SPD investigators later discovered that last July 15 and 16, the credit card of the victim was used to purchase different merchandises in various shops in Trinoma.

The victim’s ATM card was also used in withdrawing some amounts in a Malolos City ATM booth.

Sinas said that eventually, investigators managed to identify the suspect thru his hat and his tattoos. The suspect was also the same man found to be driving a gray Honda City with plate no. JEC 1014 when he went to shop and withdraw money using the victim’s ATM and credit cards.

Sinas said that a verification with the Land Transportation Office showed that the plate no. JEC 1014 is ‘non-existent’ arousing suspicions that the suspect changed the real plate of the victim’s car.

The official said that last July 22, his men went to the All Homes branch in Malolos City to investigate the reported use of the victim’s credit card.

He said that at 2 in the afternoon of the same day, officers spotted the man on board the ‘hot car’ and tried to accost him. The suspect stepped-on the gas and sideswiped two officers injuring both.

He was eventually apprehended near his residence at Dream Crest Subdivision in Barangay Longos in Malolos City.

Sinas said that the suspect was later identified as Pon-an. The woman who was with him when he was arrested was identified as his sister Michelle Angela. Initially, the suspect was charged for direct assault.

However, the vehicle he was driving turned out to be the vehicle registered under the name of Reyes when its engine and chassis numbers were subjected to a macro-etching examination.

“The suspect also had the same tattoos being sported by the male companion of Reyes before he was found dead,” said Sinas.

The official said that members of the Malolos City Police Station headed by Lieutenant Coil. Jacqueline Puapo were also able to convince the suspect’s father to allow a consented search of his room.

The search resulted in the recovery of the missing credit, membership and fleet cards of Reyes.

Pon-an was charged for murder, theft and carnapping before a Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office. A separate case for direct assault was also filed against him before the Malolos City Prosecutor’s Office.