Soldiers, cops barred from drinking in public

January 09, 2019
Rodrigo Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has ordered members of the police and military not to drink in public.

Duterte made the statement as he recalled once beating up two uniformed personnel for throwing a drunken fit that led to an altercation.

“Kayong mga pulis, [I’m] warning you. Do not drink in public. Sa Davao pinagbawalan ko ‘yan pati kayo na ngayon. All over the Philippines,” Duterte said during the Barangay Summit on Peace and Order in Pasay City.
“You do not enter into drinking places kasi wala kayong gawin ‘pag lasing na, kayo ang tigas, pati Army, huwag kayo magdala ng baril.”

He also lamented the involvement of uniformed personnel in kidnapping and “high profile” killings.
Duterte previously threatened policemen caught on the premises of a casino with dismissal, saying they have no business to be there.

Issued by then-President Ferdinand Marcos in 1977, Presidential Decree 1067B prohibits all government officials and employees, including policemen and soldiers from entering and playing inside casinos.

Also covered by the ban are persons under 21 years of age or students of any school in the Philippines.