Solid behind Cayetano

CEBU Rep. Vincent Franco “Duke” Frasco said over the weekend the 48-strong Representatives from the Visayas in the House of Representatives remain fully committed to the leadership of Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano and will continue to support his stand on various national concerns, including the issue involving franchise renewal of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

Frasco, who chairs the House Committee on Visayas Development, disputed claims that the Visayas bloc wanted Congress to act quickly on the issue involving ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

“I can speak as Chairman of the Visayas Development Committee that my fellow Visayas Representatives stand solidly behind Speaker Alan in observing the protocol and courtesy due to our fellow Representatives in the Committee on Franchises before whom the ABS CBN Franchise matter has been presented,” said Frasco, who represents Cebu’s 5th district.

Frasco also stressed that the “Visayas bloc remains fully supportive of Cayetano, who has demonstrated the kind of leadership, dedication and service to the people that we need to restore the public’s trust and confidence in the House of Representatives.”

“The Visayas congressmen and women strongly believe that under Speaker Alan, the House has been transformed into a more responsive and more responsible legislative chamber. We will continue to heed the Speaker’s guidance, as we believe that his fair and uncompromising stand on issues such as the ABS-CBN franchise renewal is the appropriate way of handling such concerns,” Frasco said.

Frasco said he is of the knowledge that the Visayas Representatives recognize the importance of Congress tackling far more urgent matters, such as ways of mitigating the impact of the global new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak on the economy.