Solid support

November 16, 2018
Imelda Marcos
89-YEAR-OLD former First Lady and 2nd District of Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos (center), escorted by son former Senator Bongbong Marcos and grandson Borgy Manotoc, arrives at the Sandiganbayan to post bail after her graft conviction. Photo by Ver Noveno

“MARCOS pa rin!”

This was the chant in unison of supporters of the Marcos family who rushed to the Sandiganbayan yesterday to show support for former First Lady Imelda Marcos as she applied for bail for her temporary liberty on the graft charges against her.

Clad in red shirts, members of the United Loyalists Alliance of the Philippines (ULAP) carried a huge banner that read, “Marcos pa rin, Marcos pa rin, Marcos pa rin.”

Around 20 meters from them, a handful of protesters from militant groups led by Bayan Partylist Rep. Neri Colmenares also held their own program criticizing the Marcos administration.

Colmenares group abruptly packed up and left the area after a heated exchange with the Marcos supporters.

Lemuel Trigue, of ULAP, asserted that cases against Ilocos Norte Rep. Marcos will be eventually scrapped by the courts just like other cases filed against her and other members of the family here and overseas.

“Iyon ang masakit, lahat ng bintang nila sa Marcos pero almost 27 years, ngayon lang nagdesisyon,” Trigue said.

“Nalusutan ni madam ang daan-daang kaso kasi walang katibayan. Maging sa Amerika na-acquit siya kaya naniniwala kami na walang basehan ang lahat ng ibinibintang nila,” he added.

ULAP also insisted that life is better and much safer during the Martial Law years which critics are using against the Marcoses.

Trigue claimed that the succeeding administrations revised all teaching materials especially books that demonized the Marcos administration.    

“Iyon ang kuwento sa mga paaralan na binago kaya iyon ang pinaniniwalaan. Pero kapag lumagpas ka sa libro, makikita na ang pangyayari noong panahon ng Marcos ay mas maginhawa kaysa ngayon,” Trigue added.

The group also questioned the timing of the release of the courts decision against Imelda Marcos but insisted that the Marcoses will make a comeback and will once again lead the Philippines.