Solon wants Rizal 2nd district split into three

A NEOPHYTE solon yesterday proposed splitting  his congressional district due to overpopulation.

Rizal Rep. Fidel Nograles said the second district should be divided into three in order to provide constituents with proper and effective services.

Nograles said that Rizal is among the most populous provinces which has the fewest  number of representatives in the House of Representatives.
To date, Rizal, which has close to 2.9 million people, is divided into two districts, and another two in Antipolo City.

“On the average, the 10 most populous provinces in the country have six representatives each in the House of Representatives. The province of Cebu, including its cities, have 10 representatives in Congress representing 4.6 million people or a ratio of around 1:460,000,” Nograles said.

“In Rizal you have four legislators representing around 2.9 million people or a ratio of one for every 721,000 people. In terms of population, Rizal has roughly the same population as Pangasinan and Batangas, but these provinces have six legislative districts each. The disparity, I believe, is self-evident,” the first-termer solon added.

In  filing House Bill 336, Nograles proposed that his current district, consisting of the municipalities of Baras, Cardona, Jala-Jala, Morong, Pililla, Rodriguez (Montalban), San Mateo, Tanay and Teresa be split into three separate legislative districts.

The new second legislative district would be composed of the towns of Cardona, Baras, Tanay, Morong Jala Jala, Pililia, and Teresa.

The town of San Mateo would be the third legislative district while Rodriguez (Montalban) would be the province’s fourth legislative district.

The additional districts would give the province of Rizal a total of six legislative districts, which currently has four districts (Antipolo first district, Antipolo second district, Rizal first district, and Rizal second district).