Solon’s staffer dies from virus

AN employee at the House of Representatives, who was considered as a person under investigation for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), has died. He was 65.

House Secretary-General Jose Luis Montales revealed the fatality adding that the victim’s test for COVID-19 was yet to be released.

The patient was reportedly worked for a lady solon.

According to Montales, the patient has no history of travel to any country with confirmed COVID-19 case, and no known exposure to a confirmed case. 

He last reported for work on March 4. 

He attended a garden wedding in Almanza, Cavite on March 7.

He went to St. Luke’s, Quezon City on March 10 after developing low grade fever. Some tests were conducted which showed normal results. He was sent home for further observation.

The following day, he started having dry cough. His fever persisted. He went back to St. Luke’s on March 13 as his cough and fever worsened.

He was placed in an isolation room and thereafter admitted to the critical care unit and intubated.

“He was transferred to the ICU on March 15, was considered a Person Under Investigation, and underwent testing for COVID-19. The result has not come in until now,” Montales added.

The fatality had an underlying medical condition.

Last week, an employee of the House Printing Service died. He is tested positive for COVID-19.