Spared Trillanes’ fate

September 26, 2018

THE government’s move to void the amnesty granted to opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV does not apply to his co-mutineers, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said yesterday.

“I daresay that the fact that he is the acknowledged leader of the Magdalo mutineers is a reasonable basis for singling Trillanes out,” Roque told a tv interview yesterday.

“In effect the message that government is sending is: It’s enough that we punish the leaders. We will not bother with the rank and file, but it’s important to hold the leader accountable for his past acts,” Roque added.

He added, “[He was] not singled out, but the process has been limited to him because it’s important to send a message that you must comply with the requirements set by law.”

The soldier-turned-senator, who is a vocal critic of Duterte, is the subject of a controversial Presidential proclamation, which voided amnesty granted to Trillanes for his involvement in coups against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration.

A Makati Regional Trial Court issued a warrant of arrest for Trillanes on Tuesday, and he has since posted bail. But the senator still faces another pending case in a separate court, this time for the non-bailable offense of staging a coup d’etat, which was dismissed in 2011.