Still up for grabs

September 29, 2018
Lotto Ticket - Philippine Charity Sweepstakes

NO bettor won the Friday draw for the Ultra Lotto 6/58 jackpot which soared to P774, 030, 800, according to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

The winning combination is 46, 25, 55, 26, 50, and 57. No one had those numbers.

Bong Solmerin, spokesperson of the PCSO general manager, said the jackpot for the Ultra Lotto game might reach P800 million.    

Meanwhile, PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan reminded the public to keep their tickets in a safe place and protect it from damage.

“Remember to keep your tickets and keep it in a safe place. You might not win the entire six digits, but you have a prize if you got the four winning combinations correctly,” he said.

He urged the public to also try their luck in other PCSO games like STL.    

In response to the messages the general manager has been receiving in his Facebook questioning the PCSO lottery, he said: “Like what I said before, we don’t give out ‘winning’ numbers. There’s no such thing. Our games are automated, which means the machine picks the winning combination. We must remember, lottery is a game of chance or ‘luck’. Plus, you cannot win the lottery if you don’t even buy a ticket, and buy more tickets if you must.”

Balutan assured the gaming public that everyone has an equal chance of winning the lottery.

“The agency has strict implementation when it comes to draw procedures, making sure the money that you bought for tickets are really there. But even if you don’t win, at least you know that part of your money goes to charity and sick patients. Bumili ka na ng ticket, nakatulong ka pa. Sa ibinili mo nakapag-kawanggawa ka pa,” he said.