Supreme Court, Department of Justice vs judge cited

April 11, 2019

THE Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance (FLAGG) yesterday lauded the speedy action of the Supreme Court and Department of Justice and immediate replacement of a shady Ilocos Sur judge who issued 19 questionable  arrest warrants despite his suspension six days prior.

Through its founding chairman Ed Cordevilla, the anti-corruption group FLAGG last month appealed to the SC and DoJ to look into the legality of Ilocos Sur Judge Raphiel F. Alzate’s issuance of arrest orders against Cabugao Mayor Josh Edward Cobangbang and 18 other co-accused despite being suspended six days prior to the issuance.

Alzate was suspended by the SC en banc last February 12, 2019 but he allegedly released in haste last February 18, 2019, 19 non-bailable warrants of arrests for alleged serious illegal detention and grave coercion against Cobangbang and 18 other co-accused.

Meantime, Judge Homer D. Ragonian who replaced Alzate at Ilocos Sur Regional Trial Court has upon assuming office recently immediate ordered last April 5, 2019 the case be “immediately recalled and set aside.”

Judge Ragonian went further stating “Let the case be referred to the Supreme Court for the determination of the judicial region to try therein and the cases therein pursuant to RA 1060…”

The OIC branch clerk was also ordered to immediately transmit to the Supreme Court a copy of the order.

At the same time the chief of police of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur was provided a copy instructing the office to immediately release Cobangbang’s co-accused from custody.