Supreme Court mourns death of ex-Judge Quisumbing

January 22, 2019

THE Supreme Court mourned the passing of retired Associate Justice Leonardo A. Quisumbing last Sunday. He was 79.

“Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin and the Associate Justices of the high court deeply mourn the passing of retired Justice Quisumbing,” the SC said in a statement.

Quisumbing was appointed to the high court on January 20, 1998. He retired on November 6, 2009 upon reaching 70 years old.

His notable decisions include the 1998 case of Cojuangco vs. Sandiganbayan on the right to speedy trial. In that ruling, the high court noted that the following factors must be taken into consideration to determine if one’s Constitutional right has been violated: (1) the length of delay, (2) the reason for such delay and (3) the assertion or failure to assert such right by the accused, and the prejudice caused by the delay.

He also penned the high court’s ruling on the case of Tijing vs. CA regarding the admissibility of DNA test in habeas corpus involving a parents’ fight to acquire custody of a minor child.

Justice Quisumbing also penned the resolution dismissing the electoral protest against then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (P.E.T. CASE No. 002. March 29, 2005) by disallowing actress Susan Roces to substitute for action king Fernando Poe Jr.

Quisumbing’s remains lie in state at the San Quentin Chapel, Ground Floor, Loyola Memorial Chapel in Guadalupe, Makati. The schedule of interment will be announced later.