TESDA producers, distributes face masks free for frontliner

March 21, 2020

THE Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) produced and distributed a total of 17,866 face masks to the frontliners of the national government in an effort to contain the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID) 19

In a memorandum order issued by TESDA Director General Isidro Lapeña issued on March 16, he encouraged their training institutions to immediately produce face masks to be distributed by their schools and training centers.

“TESDA has decided to do something in view of the reported lack of face masks throughout the country, and amid reports that when available, face masks are being sold at exorbitant prices. So, we are distributing our masks for free to those who are most at risk. In this way, they can continue performing their duties in relative safety,” Secretary Lapeña said.

Most of the masks were given for free to frontliners, hospitals, barangay tanods and health workers, police officers at checkpoints, jails, local government units and other government agencies, members of the media, and jails, as well as to TESDA employees and their families.

“The basic design of these masks follows the specifications of the Department of Health, and will have a slot inside where a ply of tissue can be inserted for proper protection,” added the TESDA chief.

Lapeña stressed that those involved in the production of the safety masks, specially the trainees and their trainers, have gladly volunteered their time and skills while strictly observing all precautionary and social distancing measures.

Other regional offices of the Agency are currently mass producing face masks and shall continue while the demand exists.

“TESDA has the capacity to produce these masks that will help ensure the health and safety of the men and women in the frontlines. We will do our part and continue to do so until this pandemic has been defeated,” assured Lapeña.