Threat to Duterte life real - Palace

April 04, 2019
Rodrigo R. Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has made “many powerful enemies” in the course of his campaign against criminality, illegal drugs and corruption, Malacanang said yesterday as it justified the stringent security measures to keep him safe.

Duterte spoke on Tuesday from behind a bullet-proof glass panel at the PDP-Laban campaign rally in Malabon City where he revealed that some people wanted him dead.

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) later said they decided to place a bullet-proof glass on the presidential podium because the activity was situated in an open area.

“There has always been threats against national leaders, and all the more so against this President who has made enemies in all fronts when he declared a war against drugs, criminality, corruption and all forms of illegality,” presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

“It is public knowledge that the Chief Executive has made many powerful enemies for spearheading this reform agenda in the two-and-a-half years of his presidency.”

Panelo did not provide details regarding the identities of the “powerful enemies.”

“There is also no denying that President Duterte is a man of the masses and has made himself accessible to the public, and will do so at every opportunity. The man could not care less about these threats,” he said.

Duterte had repeatedly said in his speeches that he was willing to relinquish his post and put his life and honor at stake in his fight against the illegal drug trade, criminality and corruption.

But Panelo said the President is “bound by security protocols and, whether he likes it or not, these protocols are mandatorily attached to the position he holds.”

“It is the duty of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) to provide the highest level of security protocols, which includes putting up a bullet-proof glass panel if it deems necessary at a given situation, to keep the man holding the most powerful position in the country safe,” he said.