Tolentino warns of water shortage

December 04, 2018

Former presidential political adviser Francis Tolentino yesterday expressed concern over the looming shortage of water in the country.

Tolentino issued the statement in response to a study made by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) which recently claimed that some key cities in the Philippines would experience water shortage by 2025.

To avert the would-be crisis, Tolentino called on the public to do the country a favor by refraining from wasting water and to start conserving.

He stressed water conservation will redound to the public’s benefit as it saves money on water utility bills, and is evironment-friendly as well because this prevents water pollution of nearby lakes, rivers, and local watersheds.

“Hindi na makasabay ang kakayanan ng mga water resources natin na  makapagbigay ng tubig sa lumalaking pangangailangan ng industriya at ng  populasyon. Ang kinakaharap din nating hamon ng climate change ay  nakadaragdag sa ating kakulangan sa tubig,” Tolentino said.

At the same time, Tolentino urged the national government to launch an information drive encouraging the public to start conserving water.