Traffic rerouting for Traslacion

January 05, 2019
Black Nazarene procession

MANILA Police District (MPD) Director  Senior Supt.Vicente Danao Jr. yesterday announced that the MPD’s Traffic Enforcement Unit will be implementing road closures and re-routing of vehicles during the “Blessing and Replica Procession” tomorrow, January 7, and the Black Nazarene procession on Wednesday, January 9.

Closed from 11 a.m. onward on Jan. 7 are the following: Southbound lane of Quezon Blvd. (Quiapo), from A. Mendoza/Fugoso to Plaza Miranda and Westbound lane of España Boulevard from P. Campa to Lerma St.

Public information officer Senior Inspector Ana Lorence Simbajon also announced the re-routing scheme: All vehicles coming from España Blvd. intending to proceed to Roxas Blvd./South Pier Zone/Taft Ave. shall turn right to P. Campa, straight to Fugoso St., to point of destination; vehicles intending to utilize Quezon Blvd. coming from A. Mendoza St. shall turn right to Fugoso, left to Rizal Ave. to point of destination.

She said the closing and opening of road closures will be based on actual traffic condition. In view of the Black Nazarene procession, there are more affected roads from January 8 to 9 with closures and re-routing.

From Quirino Grandstand (Independence Road), vehicles are to turn right to Katigbak Drive straight to P. Burgos (westbound lane) going to P. Burgos (southbound lane) thru Jones Bridge, turn right to Dasmarinas, turn right again towards Plaza Santa Cruz, turn left to Palanca St., turn left to Quezon Blvd., turn right to Arlegui St., turn right to Fraternal St., turn right to Vergara St., turn left to Duque de Alba, turn left to Castillejos St., turn left to Farnecio St., turn right to Arlegui St., turn left to Nepomuceno St. (counter-flow), turn left to Aguila St, turn right to Carcer St., turn right to Hidalgo thru Plaza del Carmen, turn left to Bilibid Viejo St. thru Puyat, turn left to Guzman St., turn right to Hidalgo St., turn left to Bautista St. (Barbosa), turn right to Globo de Oro thru under Quezon Bridge, turn right to Palanca St., then, turn right to Villalobos St. thru Plaza Miranda going to Quiapo Church.

Road closures from Jan. 8 starting at 10 p.m.  will cover Katigbak Drive and South Drive (one lane- accessible to Manila and H2O Hotel); northbound lane of Quezon and MacArthur Bridge from Bonifacio Shrine onwards and Taft Avenue from Ayala Blvd. to Bonifacio Shrine.

On Jan. 9 beginning 12 midnight, the following will be closed: stretch of MacArthur, Jones and Quezon Bridge; Roxas Boulevard from Katigbak Drive to TM Kalaw St. and both lanes of Quezon Blvd. (Quiapo) will be closed to traffic, from A. Mendoza/Fugoso St. and España Ave / P. Campa St. for southbound and from Taft Avenue/Ayala Blvd for northbound.

The closure of some streets will be in effect as the procession approaches and will be opened immediately once the tailend of the procession passes.

Meanwhile, on Jan. 8, starting 10 p.m., light vehicles intending to utilize the stretch of Bonifacio Drive and Roxas Blvd southbound shall turn around to Anda Circle going to A. Soriano Ave. turn right to Gen. Luna St. to Burgos-Orosa St., then turn left to TM Kalaw St. to Taft Avenue to point of destination; . Trucks and other heavy vehicles intending to utilize the stretch of Bonifacio Drive Southbound  shall turn around Anda Circle going back to Northbound lane of Road 10 to C3 to point of destination.

Vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the northbound lane of Roxas Blvd. from TM Kalaw St. to P. Burgos St. shall turn right to TM Kalaw St. left to Orosa St. going to Intramuros left to A. Soriano Ave.  to point of destination; vehicles traveling along P Burgos St shall turn right to Finance Road to Ayala Avenue to point of destination and  vehicles using Taft Avenue northbound shall turn right to Ayala Blvd to point of destination.

On Jan. 9, beginning 12 midnight,  vehicles coming from Quezon City using the stretch of España Avenue shall turn right to P. Campa St., then turn left to A. Mendoza  St., then turn right to Fugoso St., turn right to CM Recto Avenue or left to Nicanor Reyes St., turn right to CM Recto Avenue to point of destination; those coming from Legarda St. shall turn right to CM Recto Avenue or turn left to Mendiola St. to their point of destination.