Trillanes welcomes probe of parents

November 27, 2018
Antonio Trillanes IV
Antonio Trillanes IV

SENATOR Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV will voluntarily walk into any detention facility including in Davao City if and when the administration will be able to prove their allegations that his family was involved in any anomalies in the government.

Presidente Duterte said Monday the government is looking into the alleged business transactions of the parents of opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with government.

Duterte in September accused Trillanes’ mother, Estelita, of having supply transactions with the Philippine Navy when Trillanes and his father were still in the military service.

“We are looking into the paper[s]. You know that. We are investigating quietly ‘yung mga deals sa panahon ng tatay pati ‘yung involved ‘yung nanay. And he [Trillanes] can be very sure na lalabas lahat ‘yan,” the President said in a speech during the groundbreaking of the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project.

Trillanes dared the administration to prove their allegations and said that he will not block any efforts that will be made by the government investigators.

“I welcome Duterte’s statement on probing supposed transactions of my deceased father (PMA Cl ’59 retired in 1988 and died in 1998) and my 84 yr old mother,” Trillanes said in a statement.

He further insisted that he is very much ready to be sent to jail again if the administration can prove their claim.

“In fact, I’ll raise the ante. If he finds anything anomalous, again, I would voluntarily walk into any detention facility kahit sa Davao pa,” Trillanes said.

But while the administration still has no proof of their allegations, Trillanes challenged Duterte to prove his anger against illegal drugs by pursuing instead the drug lords that are behind the shabu shipment that was smuggled from the Manila International Container Port under the noses of Bureau of Customs officials.

“Pero, in the meantime, magpanggap man lang sana sya na galit sya at ipahanap kunyare ung drug lord na nagpasok ng P6.4 billion at P11 billion shabu shipments. Napaghahalataan tuloy na sya nga ang nasa likod ng mga shabu shipments na yan,” Trillanes stressed.

Trillanes in September slammed Duterte for dragging his 84-year-old mother, who is suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease, into their political squabble. He also said no cases were filed against his mother.

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