Vargas lauds OK of Lifetime CP No. Act

September 14, 2018

A HOUSE leader yesterday lauded his colleagues for approving on third and final reading of a bill seeking to require public telecommunications entities to provide nationwide mobile number portability to subscribers.

Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas, one of the principal authors of the consolidated House Bill (HB) No. 7652 or “An Act Requiring Public Telecommunications Entities to Provide Nationwide Number Portability to Subscribers or the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act”, welcomed the passage of the measure through an overwhelming 216 votes.

Vargas said the mobile number portability (MNP) refers to “the ability of a mobile postpaid or prepaid subscriber, who has no existing financial obligation to the donor provider, to retain an existing mobile number despite having shifted from one public telecommunications entity to another, or to change the type of subscription, from postpaid to prepaid or vice versa.”

His proposed House Bill (HB) No. 7148 “was included in the final draft. Under the bill, the MNP system shall promote consumers’ welfare as it fosters the freedom to choose and respond to its quality, maintains security and identity, is very cost-effective as consumers wouldn’t have to change mobile numbers whenever they change service providers.”

The MNP is envisioned to encourage public telecommunications entities to compete with each other by providing the consumers with best offers and proposals.

This encourages technological innovations that will stimulate even greater demand for telecommunications products and services.

“Mobile subscribers opt to tolerate and continue to pay for the poor services of their network providers as they do not want the inconvenience of changing their personal mobile numbers, their digital identity, for fear of losing important contacts and opportunities,” said Vargas.

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