Violators of National Capital Region Police Office discipline drive nearing 534k and counting -- Eleazar

November 28, 2018

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office chief, Director Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar yesterday assured anew the public of a continuing  NCRPO Discipline Drive or their intensified enforcement of all city and municipal ordinances specifically the curfew hours for violators and the ban on drinking in public since these have been proven to be a major deterrent in keeping trouble away from the streets of Metro Manila since last June.

This as the number of violators apprehended by NCRPO agents from June 13 to yesterday is already nearing 534,000, the Metro Manila police director said.

Eleazar said of the total, 25,040 were apprehended for drinking in public places while nearly 32,790 were minors accosted for violating  curfew hours.

The others are more than 146,350 persons apprehended for defying the no-smoking ban; over 32,800 for going half-naked in public; and nearly 297, 000 adult men and women who were apprehended for violation of other city and municipal ordinances.

Eleazar said  the Quezon City Police District headed by Chief Superintendent Joselito T. Esquivel Jr. made the biggest number of apprehension with 313,360 followed by the Eastern Police District under Chief Supt. Bernabe M. Balba with 110,382.

The Manila Police District now under Senior Supt. Vicente D. Danao Jr. apprehended 45,041; the Southern Police District headed by Senior Supt. Eliseo DC Cruz nabbed 33,389 while the Northern Police District now under Chief Supt. Rolando B. Anduyan arrested 31,491.

Eleazar said of the total 533,663 persons apprehended, 356,927 or 66.88 percent of the total were released after given stern warning that they will be charged if accosted anew for the same offense while 104,614 or 19.60 percent were ordered to pay fines.

The EPD had the biggest number of persons fined with 77,009, earning additional revenues for concerned local government units.

On the other hand, a total of 72,122 or 13.51 percent were charged in court, the biggest number of them in Q.C. with 43,451 followed by Manila with 27,724. The SPD charged 923 in court; the EPD haled 20 others to court while the NPD charged 4.

As of 5 a.m. yesterday, Eleazar said that only 12 of the violators remained under police custody, all in SPD.

The NCRPO chief told the Journal Group that on orders of Philippine National Police chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde, their discipline drive program will be strictly implemented by his men amid growing public support to the project.

“Despite some public criticisms, we will continue to implement the marching orders of our superiors. We will also go after violators of national laws and city/municipal ordinances as we reiterate that our discipline campaign is aimed fully at keeping peace and order in the streets as ordered by the President and the PNP chief,” he said.

Eleazar said they also managed to arrest the possibility that any one of the over 32,000 minors  apprehended for violation of the curfew hours would violate the law themselves including figuring in street riots, stoning and other public disturbances.

The 2-star police general earlier described as a ‘very big morale-booster’ to the metropolitan police force the result of the latest Social Weather Stations survey which showed that 8 out of 10 Filipinos fully support the Duterte government’s war on drugs.

“On behalf of the National Capital Region Police Office, I take pride on the latest SWS survey that 8 out of 10 Pinoys are satisfied with the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, a result of the relentless implementation of anti-illegal drugs campaign in the region,” the NCRPO chief said.

Himself a former NCRPO chief, Gen. Albayalde stressed it is not easy serving and protecting an area covering 16 cities and 1 municipality with an estimated daytime population of more than 16 million and a nighttime population of 13 million.