We need another Marcos – Duterte

June 18, 2019
Rodrigo Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said the people should just elect another leader like Ferdinand Marcos if they want to rid the government of corruption.

A rather exasperated Duterte said that even if he is given two decades to run the government, he can never eradicate graft and corruption even with the constitutional powers granted him.

“Hindi ko kaya itong corruption kasi maski saang (I cannot eradicate corruption no matter how)… If there’s a table, if there’s a single chair there, meron talaga ‘yan (it will be there) as the papers go back and forth, inward. That is why nawalaan ako ng tiwala sa (I lost trust in the) bureaucracy,” he said.

“Sabihin ko nagsisi ako kasi akala ko (I regret it because I thought that) within the constitutional powers na ibinigay sa akin, kaya ko (I will be able to do it),” he added.

“Pero sa batas na ito (But with this law), Constitution, even if you give me 20 years I cannot do it. Maghanap uli kayo ng (Just look for another) Marcos. Or someday, somehow, somewhere that fellow will be elected in the generations to come,” he continued.

The President also said that the Philippines will never be like Hong Kong.

“Kung sabihin mo mag-improve tayo (If you say that we will improve) beyond the level that we find ourselves economically, politically, well I’m sorry, I’m telling you, hindi dadating ‘yan (that will never happen),” Duterte said.

“Not even half what Hong Kong will be in 30 years. Sobra kasi ang (It’s too much)… I don’t know but the constitution that… I’m not trying to criticize. It is as good as any,” he added.

Duterte has publicly expressed his admiration for the late strongman.