Why plan to oust Duterte is called ‘Red October’ plot

October 06, 2018

THE reported communist-opposition “Red October” plot to oust President Duterte got its name supposedly because it will take place this October, the month the plotters expect the International Criminal Court (ICC) to convict the former Davao City mayor of “mass murder” in connection with his war on drugs and instigate street actions against the popular leader should he ignore the decision, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

“That Red October plot was given its name because supposedly, this month of October is the period when the ICC will be releasing its decision against the President which is being convicted in the eyes of the whole world by their sympathizers from the press, both local and international,” a top security official said on condition of anonymity.

The plot would be timed with heightened NPA offensives in the countryside including assassination of soldiers and policemen and other government officials as well as ambuscades and arson attacks.

Filipino lawyer Jude Sabio last April filed a complaint against President Duterte before the ICC for alleged “mass murder” in the Philippines. Sabio even requested that the Pre-Trial Chamber of the ICC “commit President Rodrigo Duterte and his senior government officials to the Trial Chamber for trial and that the Trial Chamber in turn, after trial, convict them and sentence them to corresponding prison sentence or life imprisonment.”

In his complaint to ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, Sabio cited the murder of at least 1,400 people by the alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) when Duterte was Davao City mayor. He also mentioned the killing of at least 7,000 people in the Philippines under Duterte’s presidency.

The security official said that the Communist Party of the Philippines/National Democratic Front/New People’s Army has long been trying to unseat whoever is at the Palace and in the case of President Duterte, is recruiting sympathizers including workers and students to join them in their effort by portraying Duterte as a “new President Ferdinand Marcos.”

The leftist movement, he explained, is also naturally trying to get support from the political opposition, the group which is hell-bent on returning to power.

“They are also getting support from the press in their effort to portray the President as a villain, a demon. Just look at the recent British Broadcasting Corporation’s misleading documentary on the country’s war on drugs,” he said.

Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano has slammed the BBC for showing a “misleading” documentary on the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign aired last September 29. He described it as “nothing more than anti-Duterte propaganda, more worthy of tabloid journalism and gossip than the venerable institution that we thought BBC was.”

Cayetano said that the BBC documentary made little mention of the sheer magnitude of the country’s drug problem, the enormous damage to millions of families affected by addiction and the fact that police are under strict orders to follow the rule of law in waging the campaign against drugs.

Officials agreed that if only BBC did its homework, it would have known that more than 155,000 drug personalities have been arrested and jailed since July 2016 compared to the nearly 5,000 armed suspects who were killed when they resisted arrest and shot it out with officers.

The Journal Group source said that persons behind the ‘Red October’ plot are hell-bent on demonizing President Duterte before the eyes of the whole world. He described the so-called International People’s Tribunal (IPT) verdict finding the President guilty of human rights violations a few weeks ago as a “sham decision,” one made by a kangaroo court which has no official sanction.