Zubiri donates plasma to PGH

SENATE Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri has donated his plasma to the Philippine General Hospital, in aid of the medical community’s continuing search for COVID-19 treatment.

After being the first public official to disclose his positive diagnosis for the disease, Zubiri has now recovered and returned to good health, making him eligible for the plasma donation.

No approved cure for the virus exists as of yet, but medical experts are looking at the possibility of extracting COVID-19 antibodies from recovered individuals in order to finally come up with a treatment.

So far, patients who were administered the plasma treatment at the PGH and St. Luke's Medical Center showed significant  improvements in their conditions.

“I was very lucky to have recovered with no complications,” Zubiri said.

“But that is not the case for many other patients, whose bodies are less prepared to fight this disease. If plasma donations can help them in any way, then I am more than happy to offer mine,” he added.

“All of us healthier, perhaps younger people who have been blessed with full recovery from COVID-19—we need to go donate. It’s a fairly simple process, and you’ll be able to help so many people,” Zubiri further said.