163 Filipino crew of stranded ship off Norway safe

THE 163 Filipino crew members of  cruise ship Viking Sky that wa s stranded in rough seas off Norway on Saturday are all safe, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

The DFA added it is closely monitoring the ongoing rescue operations for passengers of Viking Sky.

Reports sent to the DFA said the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, which is in touch with Viking Cruises and the Norwegian Rescue Center, said the ship’s Filipino crew members are helping evacuate the passengers.

There are no Filipino passengers on board the cruise liner.

Embassy Chargé ‘d Affaires Mariel Algabre said she was told that passengers have praised the efficiency and helpfulness of the ship’s Filipino crew in the evacuation.

Authorities said tug boats are currently trying to move the Viking Sky to shore as three of the ship’s four engines are working.

Reports monitored by the DFA stated that the ship has restarted and is moving at a slow pace.

The Viking Sky sent a distress signal Saturday after it encountered engine problems in bad weather.