Israel urged to treat humanely Filipinos facing deportation

THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) appealed to the Israeli government to treat the overstaying Filipinos humanely even as the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv is coordinating with the Population and Border Authority (PIBA) to facilitate the repatriation of overstaying Filipinos and their families.

This developed following reports received by the DFA on the scheduled deportation of Filipino workers and their children from Israel.

PIBA will provide repatriation tickets to those who are endorsed by the Embassy.

While the Philippines respects Israeli laws, the DFA reiterated its request for the Israeli government to treat overstaying Filipinos in a humane and sensitive manner, since children may be involved.

Likewise, the DFA calls on Filipinos in Israel to observe the host country’s laws.

The DFA stands ready to provide the necessary assistance to affected Filipinos, and is working with other government agencies on reintegration programs for those who will be repatriated.

Affected Filipinos are requested to proceed to the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv to receive orientation on the repatriation program as well as government reintegration services.