‘Juan movement’ for positive change

OFWs can be powerful influencers –– Ignacio.

A NEW citizens’ movement seeking to help President Rodrigo Duterte promote his “ardent love” for the country has been launched with famed artist and entertainer, Arnell ‘Arnelli’ Ignacio, in the forefront of the campaign to spread its message of “positive change.”

In a talk with the media, Ignacio said the Juan Movement partylist would, among others, seek reforms in the country’s educational system to make Filipinos imbibe “traditional values” such as discipline, the importance of the family, respect and mutual assistance and, care for the environment.

Ignacio was deputy administrator at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) before he decided to resign last February 26 for personal reasons.

As OWWA official, Ignacio had the opportunity to work closely with various OFWs abroad and to see first hand their “potential” as “powerful influencers” in spreading the good news about the country all over the world.
 “Filipinos are the ‘preferred workers’ abroad because they are willing to work longer hours once they have established ‘good relationship’ with their foreign employers.

“I also keep reminding my fellow workers (in government) that Filipinos are ‘strategically located’ all over the world as they are sometimes in close proximity and close personal relationship with some of the world’s most powerful figures.

“A few nice words from them about our country and our people can go a long way in correcting foreign misconceptions about the Philippines,” Ignacio explained.

Along this line, Ignacio said Juan Movement seeks to create a “new generation” of Filipinos who are proud of their cultural heritage and of their uniqueness, qualities, he added that should be carried with them by OFWs seeking opportunities abroad.

“All of us, Filipinos, are included in this movement,” he stressed.

Ignacio also bared that they are “inspired” by the “example” of the President “whose ardent love for our country we cannot deny.”

“Our President needs help and Juan Movement is here to help him,” Ignacio said.