Philippine-London educational partnership

February 11, 2019

THE Philippine Embassy in London held a networking initiative aimed at promoting partnerships between the two countries.

“London Hangouts of 2019“ is a quarterly networking initiative spearheaded by the Embassy’s public diplomacy desk to expand and strengthen people-to-people and institutions-to-institution connections, spark new collaborations, and promote a positive image of the Philippines and the Filipino people.

“Education is a critical instrument in opening eyes, minds, and hearts. It is a bridge that has connected and will continue to connect both the Philippines and the United Kingdom in the years to come,” said Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio M. Lagdameo as he welcomed over a hundred representatives from Philippine and British higher education institutions to the first Philippine Embassy in “London Hangouts of 2019.”

The year’s first Hangout aims to spark collaborations and uncover opportunities in education to increase Philippine and British student mobility, facilitate institutional linkages, and to promote stronger partnerships among Philippine and British universities.

Lagdameo highlighted some key milestones in Philippine-British education ties including the ongoing transnational education partnership between ten Philippine and British universities in fields as diverse as innovation, design, and marine biology, among others.