Talks on to save Pinoy workers taken in Libya

October 15, 2018
Alan Peter S. Cayetano

FOREIGN Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano yesterday said negotiations are ongoing to secure the safe release of Filipinos abducted in Libya.

Cayetano however refused to give further details on the negotiations.

He said there are around two to three people involved in the discussion, but due to the sensitivity of the issue, he refused to cite personalities, saying “any information could harm who is talking to whom.”

“I cannot tell you exactly but in the last few days, there have been some movements in the negotiation and the people negotiating it are on top of it and these are all Cabinet level so let me stop there because the negotiation for those who were kidnapped is sensitive,” he told reporters.

A group of armed men abducted in July three Filipino engineers and a South Korean national from the construction site they are working at, located 500 kilometers from the capital.

Cayetano vowed to follow up government assistance to their families pending the release of Filipinos.

“I will follow that up not only for those who were kidnapped but also for Filipinos who cannot fly back home, this shouldn’t be a one time assistance, we need to also check on their families’ needs,” he said.