10K Caviteños volunteer for Covid-19 vaccine experiment

August 14, 2020

TRECE MARTIRES CITY,  Cavite  -- Governor Juanito Victor  "Jonvic” Remulla Jr . yesterday said some 10,000 Caviteños volunteered to be recipients of the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

In his official social media account, Remulla said Cavite is now about to undergo a Phase 3 field trial of the vaccine from two well-known pharmaceutical giants in the United States and United Kingdom.

He said 10,000 people from Cavite volunteered for the experimental vaccine.

In the trial, 5,000 will receive the vaccine while 5,000 will  get the placebo.

Placebo is a substance that has no therapeutic effect. It is used as a control in testing new drugs.

The group will form part of the 100,000 sample size  for the third level vaccine clinical testing.

After a rigid scrutiny from the scientific community who will determine the validity and efficacy of the vaccine, it will be then made available to the public.

“Ako po ay nababahala sa mainit na balita na ang Russia ay maglalabas na ng vaccine para sa Covid-19. I have nothing against the Russians nor am I connected to any preferred country or vaccine manufacturer. I do not stand to gain on this but forgive me if my primary interest is to safeguard the health and safety of my constituents in Cavite.

“As far as I know, the Russian data is unavailable, their methodology is not open,  and its efficacy has not been subject to a review and analysis,” Remulla explained.

“Dengvaxia is a feasible example of a vaccine gone bad. Many died from its misuse and because of this many became anti to the use of vaccines. In this regard, I am asking the Department of Health  to please safeguard the process of review, approval, and appropriation of the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said.

“If we did not get the containment strategy right then let us ensure that the curative portion is done correctly. Please exercise CAUTION and have the people's interest at heart. There is no bigger decision than choosing an effective vaccine, at the correct time, at the fair price,” Remulla added.