11 Bataan doctors, 4 nurses COVID-19 infected

HEALTH workers, dubbed as ‘modern day heroes,’ were hit hard by the coronavirus after 11 doctors, four nurses and four other health workers have been infected by the dreaded virus as of 10 a.m. today.

In his ‘COVID UPDATE’ report, Gov Abet S Garcia said quoting  from Bataan Provincial Health Office, that “the number of our fellow countrymen who are positive in COVID-19 reaches a total of 42, 15 recovered and three died.”

“ New patients are a 63-year-old female from Mariveles; a 42 year-old girl also from Mariveles, and a 32-year-old girl from Orani who looks like healthcare workers,” said Garcia.

The governor added “As of 10 a.m., April 15, 2020, 15 have recovered from COVID-19.

The newly recovered patients are PH1993 F70, a doctor from Balanga City and PH3662 one month old baby boy from Mariveles, now currently finishing post discharged quarantine.

The number of PUMS has reached 2,529; mild PUI is 818; moderation to severe PUI is 236; and three have passed away.

“I will continue asking for your cooperation and compliance with ECQ policy to stay in our homes and if there is an important reason to get out of the home, do social distancing.”