1,245 hogs afflicted by ASF culled

March 01, 2020

A total of 1,245 hogs afflicted by the African Swine Fever (ASF) have been culled over the week by personnel of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Region-5, as the DA implemented a lockdown on the trade of live and processed pork products in the towns of Bombon, Magarao and Calabanga, all in the third district of C. Sur province.

Emily Bordado, regional information officer of the DA in Bicol, bared that a majority of the afflicted hogs from farm raisers came from Bombon, C. Sur, where the first case of ASF in Bicol was reported in Barangay Sto. Domingo last Feb. 10, 2020.

About 1, 149 hogs were culled by DA in Bombon town from four villages covering the one-kilometer radius from the epicentre of the animal epidemic, while 96 afflicted hogs were also culled on Thursday. from hog raisers in Barangay Sta. Salud and San Vicente in Calabanga town.

The culling process of afflicted hogs were reportedly painless, as many animal rights advocates questioned vets from the DA on the mass killing of hogs as a deterrent to ASF, while Bordado reported that undisclosed areas were used as burial grounds for the contaminated animals.

It was also revealed by the DA spokesperson, that a total of 225 backyard hog raisers have their hogs confiscated due to the ASF animal epidemic, which consisted of 203 hog raisers from Bombon and 22 farm raisers in Calabanga, all in the province of C. Sur.