2 Iranians held for swindling, bribery

November 26, 2018

SAN Jose City -- Two Iranian nationals were arrested by the police for allegedly swindling a 56-year-old businesswoman and bribing a police officer who arrested them at the city public market on Sunday night.

City police chief Supt. Marco Dadez identified the arrested foreign nationals as Mostafa Jalalinejad, 37, and his female companion, Minoo Ahmadi, 35, both of Kharaj, Iran.

They were accused of duping female trader Lorna Coronel, widow, of Zone 9-A, Bgy. Abar 1st, this city, at her grocery store located at the LGIF Bldg. of the city public market at 6 p.m.         Coronel sought the help of the duty watchmen at the market after the two suspects arrived and pretended as customers supposedly wanting to buy evaporated milk.

The two suspects handed over to her as payment a piece of US dollar bill which the victim refused to accept after they asked for a money changer.

At this juncture, the suspects asked her to show how a P1,000 bill looks like and she immediately obliged by showing them her P48,000 sales for the day.

However, Mostafa took the money from her and pushed down the victim’s cash bowl, resulting in some coins falling to the floor.

When the victim picked up the scattered coins, Mostafa returned the money to her and hurriedly fled with his cohort.

Dadez said the victim got suspicious and immediately counted the money, and found out that it was totaling only P31,000.

It was at this juncture that she called out the market watchmen for help in running after the fleeing suspects, who were eventually arrested by PO2 Mark Joseph Vitalista.

Dadez said the two suspects also face direct bribery charges for trying to bribe Vitalista for P5,000 in exchange for the dropping of the swindling case.