2 sikyu nabbed for firing guns

TWO security guards were arrested for indiscriminate firing in a beach resort yesterday morning in El Nido, Palawan.

Arrested were Rico Aya-ay Barrun, 32, single and Angel Cabasal Regala, 35, both Palawan residents.

The two were arrested at 7 a.m. while roaming around Duli Beach located at Barangay Bucana, El Nido, Palawan.

They were arrested for violation of RA 10591.

El Nido Munucipal Police Station (MPS) received a report regarding two armed men who were allegedly roaming around the beach carrying and firing their guns that caused alarm and fear among the neighborhood.

Police immediately went to the area and caught the suspects carrying a shot gun and a revolver with ammunition.

The suspects were asked about the firearm license and Duty detail order from the security agency but failed to present any documents which resulted in their arrest.

Recovered from their possession and control were one shotgun (12 gauge) with serial no. RIA1800252, 24 live shotgun ammunition, and one caliber .38 revolver loaded with six live ammunition.

The arrested persons and confiscated items were turned over to the custody of El Nido Police Station for proper disposition.

Authorities are now conducting follow-up investigation to the incident.