3 PNPA graduates, entire Mabalacat DEU sacked

PHILIPPINE National Police chief Director General Oscar Albayalde yesterday ordered the administrative relief and investigation of three graduates of the PNP Academy who were implicated in the kidnapping and  killing of a drug suspect whose white car was also stolen and repainted black in Mabalacat, Pampanga on October 15 last year.

Ordered investigated were Capt. Jason Aguilar of PNPA Class 2014, his classmate Capt. John Carlos Ornales, and Lt. Col. Maharlika Villasis of PNPA Class 1999.

The PNP chief  also ordered the relief of the entire personnel of the Mabalacat Municipal Police Station - Drug Enforcement Unit in connection with the ongoing investigation into the case of Barry Mauhay who was believed to have been executed and his body buried by some of the policemen who arrested him at the parking lot of Bingo Pinoy in Dau, Mabalacat last October.

The investigation was triggered by the arrest of Capt. Aguilar, the chief of the Agoncillo Municipal Police Station in Batangas, and one of his men, Patrolman Mark Dimaano, while riding Mauhay’s  Toyota Vios, with original license plate no. UVV-577, on Tuesday last week.

The car’s original color was white but had been repainted black when intercepted by combined agents of the PNP Highway Patrol Group headed by Brig. Gen. Roberto Fajardo, the PNP Intelligence Group under Brig. Gen. Edgar Monsalve and the Counter-Intelligence Task Force headed by Col. Romeo Caramat Jr..

Recovered inside the car were several high-powered firearms, including an M-4 automatic rifle, and dozens of live ammunition as well as a plate number.

Both Aguilar and Dimaano were being held at the PNP-CITF detention facility in Camp Crame facing carnapping charges. 

During questioning, Aguilar tagged Capt. Ornales, his classmate from PNPA Class 2014, and the chief of the Mabalacat DEU as the alleged source of the recovered Toyota Vios.

An investigation is underway into who really stole and repainted the car.

Probers are conducting a backtracking into the incident and reviewing all available CCTV footages which could lead them to the solution of the Mauhay case.

The victim’s body remained missing although investigators said they have all every reason to believe that he is already dead.

The victim was said to be carrying a huge amount of money - at least P1 million - when he was seized.

Albayalde said also being investigated is the erstwhile Mabalacat police station commander Lt. Col. Villasis, a bemedalled former intelligence officer of the Pampanga Police Provincial Office.