4 more recover in Lucena, 5 COVID-19 carriers left

June 17, 2020

LUCENA CITY--- From 63 confirmed coronavirus disease (CIVID-19) cases,  this city now has only 5 remaining infected patients following the latest recovery of 4.

In its latest bulletin, the Lucena City Public Information Office (LCPIO) announced the recovery of 4 confirmed cases to bring down the total number of recoveries to 58.

The LCPIO said the recovered patients are from Barangays Gulang-Gulang, Ibabang Dupay and Dalahican.

In the middle of June, the city government declared its being "Zero- COVID-19" status following the recovery of all the 29 validated carriers of the virus.

But a few days later, more cases were recorded and reached up to 63 as a result of a massive and swab testing that was conducted among suspected city residents and frontliners on orders of City Mayor Roderick Alcala.

Most of those who tested positive of the virus were employees of the city government serving as frontliners.

Alcala noted that two reasons of their quick recovery is their being asymptomatic and optimistic.

Unlike Quezon province, Lucena City is now under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) due to its very low rate on COVID- 19 with zero-fatality.

It was also learned that Lucena has the lowest rate among cities in Calabarzon region.