7 NPA rebs yield in CV

October 20, 2018

SEVEN members of New Peoples Army (NPA) surrendered to government forces and turned over firearms, war materials and voluminous documents.

This was confirmed by 1Lt Darwin Gapay.

Gapay identified those who surrendered as alias Bert, member of the Yunit Propaganda platun and alias Bryan of Sentro de Grabidad both of Guerilla Front 25 of sub-regional committee, Southern Mindanao Regional Committee.

The two surrendered to Lt. Col. Palmer M. Parungao, Commander of the Battalion last Monday.

Bert and Bryan surrendered one improvised explosive device (IED), Improvised 22 caliber long rifle, books, publications, notebooks, reference materials, placards and other documents of intelligence value.

Other war materiel given up by the two were IED blasting paraphernalia, 12 clips for garand rifle, WACOM V105 radio and one caliber 40 mm magazine.

Alias Dats, a former Komiteng Rebolusyonaryo sa Munisipalidad chairman facilitated the surrender of a political guide and organizer of the Guerilla Front 25 identified as @Yummyboy.

They submitted themselves to the Commandant of the Battalion 1Lt Joy Maunahan.

They turned over one carbine rifle, magazines of .30 caliber rounds and ammunition.

On Friday, three political leaders of the dismantled Compostela Municipal Revolutionary Committee surrendered to Maj Ricky Dioneda bringing along one dual purpose IED, a blasting cap, one caliber 38 revolver, one Uzi 9mm pistol, one caliber 357 revolver, several ammunition and documents used in propaganda and demonstrations.

One of those who surrendered revealed the cache of carbine rifles that recovered by government forces led by Dioneda.

On Saturday morning, alias RM, a member of Guerilla Front 15, sub-regional committee, Southern Mindanao Regional Committee, who was tasked by the communist terrorist group’s higher organ to operate in Luzon from April 2015 as squad leader, with his caliber 45 pistol loaded with a magazine of ammunition surrendered to Lt. Col. Palmer M. Parungao, Battalion Commander of the 66th Infantry Battalion.