Andanar cites dev’t efforts under second half of Duterte’s term

PRESIDENTIAL Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar cited the significant development efforts that will happen under the second half of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

In a recent visit in Pampanga, Andanar said there are three things that will form part of the Duterte legacy in the next three years.

Specifically, the PCOO chief mentioned poverty alleviation and the government’s vision for the Philippines to achieve upper middle class status by 2022.

“Duterte’s promise is to bring down the poverty rate from 21 percent to 14 percent by the end of his term. So far, based on the assessment of the economic and business cluster as well as rating agencies that we have talked with, they are optimistic that Philippines will achieve upper middle class status by 2022,” the secretary said.

He also mentioned  the Build Build Build infrastructure program which complements poverty reduction by generating jobs.

Under the Duterte administration, Andanar said the country will have an underground train system in Metro Manila, as well as train station from Tutuban to Clark.

Lastly, he underscored the importance of peace and order in the development process.
“One of the President’s aim is to end the communist insurgency in the country. You cannot have a progressive nation that is always in strife, always at war, especially in the countryside,” Andanar said.