ASF cases hit Quezon town

February 26, 2020

MULANAY, Quezon -- African Swine Fever (ASF) cases  continue to rise in this coastal town affecting piggery owners and backyard hog raisers.

However, town officials including those in the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist refused to be interviewed to give an update on the  number of pigs which have died in the reported ASF outbreak.

Hundreds of pigs have reportedly been forcibly bought and ordered killed by the Department of Agriculture to prevent the spread of the virus.

Angel Malabana, piggery owner in Brgy. Pakiing, said some of the pigs in his piggery started to die since January.

After it was confirmed that ASF was the cause of death, Malabana said the Agriculture authorities ordered the remaining pigs  killed and assured him of payment after two months.

Each pig is valued at P5,000 each regardless of the size.

Malabana said the importation of pigs from other provinces by some hog buyers triggered the proliferation of the virus in the town.

“Kaya nga malaking halaga po ang nawala sa amin at may malaki pa kaming utang sa feeds,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, meat vendor Ed Reynoso said other meat sellers are adversely affected by the ASF,  prompting piggery owners to divert their business to poultry or other livestock farming.

It was learned that entry and exit of pigs in the town  has been strictly prohibited by the authorities.