Aurora declared drug-cleared

March 18, 2020

BALER, Aurora — “This province is now drug cleared,” This was announced by Aurora Police provincial Office (APPO),after months evaluation that Aurora province  is number one declared drug-cleared by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in Central Luzon after successfully complying with the parameters set forth by the oversight committee in accordance with the Dangerous Drugs Board resolution.

​Provincial director P/Col Raul Siriban said that Maria Aurora and Baler were the last drug cleared.

​Record last year showed that barangay drug affectation in the province was 91.39 percent or 138 out of the total 151 villages while 8.61 percent or 13 villages were unaffected.

​As a result of the barangay drug clearing operations, a total of 82.12 percent or 124 barangays are now drug-cleared while 17.88 percent or 27 barangays are still affected.

​Citing the data on drug surrenderers, that 3,845 individuals voluntarily surrendered in the province.

Of this figure, 3,110 completed the community-based Bahay Pagbabago Reformation Program.

“Through reformation program with the help of the stakeholders, a total of 104 drug surrenderers are now working in government, others are engaged in business and some are presently working abroad,” Siriban said.