Barangay head slain in Ecija capital

PALAYAN CITY -- An incumbent barangay chairman was gunned down in cold blood by an unidentified armed man inside his house here last Tuesday.

Provincial police head, Col. Leon Victor Z. Rosete identified the slain barangay official as Beato Pascua, 54, of Bgy. Ganaderia. He reportedly ran unopposed as barangay chief during last year’s barangay polls.

City Mayor Adrianne Mae “Rianne” J. Cuevas, who won overwhelmingly with a margin of 15,484 votes over her opponent in the last elections for her third and final term, has already gathered her barangay chiefs and asked them to take extra precaution in the aftermath of Pascua’s killing.

In a text message to this writer yesterday, she said they are doing everything to help investigators in quickly getting to the bottom of Pascua’s murder.

“He is our beloved barangay captain kuya and we are doing all we can to resolve this. We are halfway done kaya wait lang kuya,” Cuevas said, adding that first councilor Urmatan will take the place of the slain barangay official.

Rosete said the gun attack transpired at 9 a.m. while Pascua was inside the house.

He said the gunman, who was wearing gray sweat shirt, black pants and bull cap came to the house and even greeted Pascua when he came out in the terrace, before shooting him several times in the chest and head then fled on board a motorcycle.

This developed as Pascua’s wife, Macrina demanded immediate justice for her slain husband.

She claimed politics could be the motive behind his murder.