‘Blood is thicker than water’

February 26, 2019

CABANATUAN CITY -- Nueva Ecija gubernatorial aspirant Eduardo Nonato “Edno” N. Joson said that for him “blood is thicker than water” because he will still vote for the other Josons despite them “abandoning” him in his own fight.

Edno, a former governor from 1995-98, said he is running as an independent because he bolted from the Joson-led Bagong Lakas ng Nueva Ecija party after it opted to field a non-Joson -- former General Tinio Mayor Virgilio “Ginto” Bote -- as their standard-bearer for governor in the upcoming May polls in the province.

Meanwhile, aside from Bote, Edno’s four other gubernatorial rivals are come backing former Gov. Aurelio M. Umali, Renato Renato Maliwat, Constantino De Leon and Roberto Gavina.

As early as September of last year he already revealed his gubernatorial plans to elder brother former Governor Tomas III, Balane’s chair, during a meeting with them, but the latter seemed already bent on choosing Bote instead of him. This left him no choice but to leave the party and run as an independent, he said.